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e’re at a friend’s house and they had everyone bring a bottle of over $50 red (even though yours is only $40). It was a blind tasting and you (we) won...... Your wine is only getting better …
   Stages leap cask 23 2004
   Merry Edwards windsor  2003
   BV Latour 1997
MB (by Blackberry), San Mateo, CA

I was recently at a small gathering of elderly climbers who also fancy themselves as wine aficionados. After thrashing around all day on some 5.10s (led by one of the climbers’ 26 year old daughter!) we had a camp stove gourmet dinner and pulled out the wines. There were some fancy reds present, but your cab was the big HIT!! Thought you'd like to know--hope you are well.
CG, Sun Valley, Idaho

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I have really been enjoying your wine. Had some last night and my wife and I were talking about how good it is. Thanks again.
WB, Manhattan, New York

I had a chance to drink your Cab last weekend and I was thoroughly impressed, it's a great wine. Very supple, nice fruit, and very enjoyable to drink…thanks for the great wine!
CB, Santa Monica, CA